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Free manuscript submission system: accept Papers through JournalID

Are you a publisher/a journal editor looking for a free web based software through which your authors can submit their manuscript? If yes, you have come to the the right place.

With JournalID Manuscript Submission System(JIMSS), every journal can accept papers, manage submissions, assign reviewers and manage statuses of submitted paper. JIMSS offers following features:

  • You get  a dedicated login page where your users can login and register
  • You can also set up branding/banner to be displayed on top of the page
  • You can set reviewer/editors who will be able to work accordingly
  • Authors can start new submission and editors can set different statuses for each manuscript
  • Authors can see all kind of statuses of their manuscript 
  • Author can send email to the editor
  • They can perform searches on Google Scholar, PMC and others with just a click

Have a look: