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JournalID Help


  1. What is JournalID? What role it has do to with Journal X?
    Answer: JournalID is an online database of journal that also facilitates journals to accept papers/manuscripts through its submission system. The software is integrated into the same platform for each journal thus offering flexibility to send the same submission to thousands of participating journals. JournalID is simply a facilitator in every case.
  2. Is there any charge for using JournalID as author?
    Answer: No, JournalID is free for authors as well as publishers. Though any journal is free to charge publication fees/article processing charge etc. at their own.
  3. Why is JournalID Free?
    Answer: Because we think science should be accessible to everyone. Scientific communication should not be monopolized. Other than that JournalID is currently supported by grants from Idea Quotient Labs. 
  4. Is my data/manuscript safe?
    That is the first question we asked ourselves so we made sure that nobody can access anything that you don't authorize. JournalID is 100% protected and safe.
  5. I want to donate to JournalID, how can I?
    You can donate to journalID through paypal. Just drop an email at [email protected]