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Submit your paper to multiple journals from a single platform : JournalID for authors

Ask any researcher or an academician - for years, getting published has been a painful process. Much of the time gets spent in hitting the right journal, changing paper formats, creating accounts on platform that look exactly same. It involves hit and trial and multiple revisions and the cycle starts again. It has been a routine process - so common that a lot of academicians are comfortably accustomed to it!  Their valuable time wasted.

JournalID is a subtle start in this direction to overcome this challenge. JournalID bridges the gap between publishing and authoring. Once an academician, a scientist, or anyone willing to publish registers an account on JournalID, they can browse a large number of journals of their interest, shortlist some of them and JournalID will automagically take care of the submissions, publication and post publication tracking - no repeats of the same process.

JournalID removes a need of re-submission to another journal, pain of reformatting, and repeated communications. JournalID's  makes sure that you get the maximum exposure. An account on JournalID gives you an exclusive access to wholly new world of academic communication.


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